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Good Morning Tumblr !

thebromance said: you exist ?

For you i dont ! :P hahaha 

Im back here because su loves me too much haahha


i won’t rest until this lettuce has 100,000 notesimage

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Dylan O’Brien arrives at the TCA’s 15 minutes late with chicken nuggets.

"hey muffin cuties i brought snacks"

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thank uuuu !

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awwwwww thank you !!!!!!!

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Omg i just realize for all the time i have been on tumblr i have made so many friends …and now i don’t talk with a lot of them but chai and su were always there from the begging maybe not really the begging but the time i started really talking to pppl on tumblr they were with me and im happy about that they are my favorite girls on tumblr i mean i love a LOT of ppl here but they both are special my putas :D so yeah thank u putas for being with me even though we not talkvery often i still love you !!! both of you ! and thank u for everything ! for being with me even though im reALLY annoying sometimes and selfish D and im really bad friend :D u never left me so thank u ! 

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